Dr Bruce Klein

Dr. Klein is a Physician Scientist. He has trained in Pediatrics, Epidemiology and clinical infectious disease, as well as performing postdoctoral fellowships in Immunology and Genetics. He is currently a Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, with faculty appointments in the Departments of Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Medical Microbiology. He has lead the Division of Infectious Disease in Pediatrics for two decades. He also leads a pre-doctoral and postdoctoral NIH Training Program entitled “Microbes in Health and Disease”.

Area of Research: For nearly four decades, Dr. Klein’s research laboratory has focused on molecular medical mycology. Projects in the laboratory address common questions in fungal pathogenesis and immunology: What are the mechanisms of fungal virulence, with emphasis on studies of dimorphic fungi? How does the host-fungal pathogen interaction define the progression of infection and disease? How does the innate and adaptive immune system respond to fungi, and what are the key immunological steps required for vaccine immunity to fungal pathogens? And, how does the immune response to fungi go awry, resulting allergic inflammation in response to inhaled mold.